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- Lấy Nick Chính tố cáo. Nick chính đã verify thì hẵng tố cáo. 
Vào Link 13T:  + Welcome to Facebook. I report, I am sure this timeline was using fake identity card but is used photoshop realistic. It is not enough 9-year- old to join Facebook. It has used the wrong date of birth, it was born in 2008. Please take a check the identity of the account again. So it may not be old enough. And it decent harassing friends on the social network Facebook Facebook Thank you. Tiếp theo lấy 1 nick khác. online Thường xuyên vào link 14t : + Hello Team Facebook, this person have done wrong year of birth in order to register a Facebook account, this person is a child under 14 years old is not old enough to use Facebook, Team Facebook requirements remove account as Facebook terms set out, Thank you Facebook group. + Dòng 1 điền link nó + ĐÒng 2 điền tên + Dòng ba chọn 10 năm  + Dòng 4 điền thần chú trên
————————————The End Tut————————————
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